Unagi Don 15% off (28th-30th July)

Doyo no Ushi - Day of the Ox

From 28th-30th July, Unagi Don 15% off

Dear Valued and Loved Customers,

Misato will be holding a special offer to celebrate the Day of the Ox in Japan.

If you’re feeling tired from the summer heat, don’t miss this special offer as our specially made Kabayaki Unagi Don will give you stamina to help beat the summer fatigue!

Eels are rich in Vitamins A, B, E and D along with other nutrients. 100g of Vitamin A is enough to meet an adult’s daily requirement. Hiraga Gennai, a polymath from the Edo period (18th Century) advised eel stores to put up signs stating “Today is the Day of the Ox”, which is the origin of this celebration.

There is a popular saying in Japan: “if you eat food beginning with the letter ‘U’ (う) on the Day of the Ox, you will be filled with stamina to get through the summer. Examples include: Eel (Unagi), Noodles (Udon), Melon (Uri), Pickled Plum (Umeboshi).

“Doyo” is the period of 18/19 days before the beginning of each of the four seasons. The midsummer Day of the Ox is when people traditionally eat eel in Japan, so come and join us for this tradition!

If you’d like to have a taste of Japanese summer celebrations, come and enjoy our Unagi! We hope to see you soon,

Misato Team

土用の丑の日キャンペーン 蒲焼き うな丼 15%OFF!!

(7月28日~30日迄) みさとでは土用の丑の日キャンペーンを上記の期間実施します~


うなぎはビタミンA、B群、E、Dなどの栄養が豊富。特にビタミンAは、100グラム食べれば成人の一日に必要な摂取量に達する量です。 丑の日限定になるのは、平賀源内が売り上げ不振の鰻屋に「本日土用の丑の日」と張り紙をするようアドバイスして、人気になったから……という説がよく知られています。



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